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Breaking Down the Different Federal Employee Benefits With Arrin Crain | Podcast

#46 – Are you a federal employee planning to retire soon?

If so, there are various retirement benefits you can maximize by planning well ahead of time.

In this episode, Jeremy Keil joins Arrin Crain, MBA, RICP®, ChFEBC℠, financial planner at Bluecrest Financial Alliances, to help you better understand what those benefits are and how they work. Plus, they dive into some key planning mistakes and ways to avoid them while managing your federal benefits.

Arrin discusses:

  • The four-legged stool that every federal employee should know about
  • Tips for efficient estate planning, maximizing health benefits, and managing sick leaves
  • Ways to optimize benefits for the surviving spouse
  • How to buy back any military service time while calculating your federal retirement
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Arrin Crain, MBA, RICP®, ChFEBC℠, is a financial planner at Bluecrest FInancial Alliances, and an expert in federal benefits. Bluecrest Financial Alliances strives to assist you in understanding your financial options in this ever-changing world. It starts by assessing your financial situation, and listens to your needs and goals to learn more about your objectives. Then, it works as a team to create a financial strategy designed just for you and creating legacies along the way.

Roadmap to Retirement: 10 Key Things To Keep in Mind | Podcast

#45 – Retirement Planning is more than just focusing on your investments – and you have no control over the market! Today we’ll focus on a non-investment way to get the standard of living you want in retirement.

In this episode, Jeremy Keil discusses 10 key moves you should consider while getting ready to enter retirement. He shares valuable insights from an article by Kiplinger and adds his own unique take on various aspects of retirement including taxes, healthcare costs, and other major expenses.

Jeremy discusses:

  • How to plan for your monthly expenses while adjusting for inflation
  • Ways to achieve an enjoyable retirement lifestyle without compromising your budget
  • Tips for creating a floor income to help you get through unexpected circumstances
  • How to leverage your pension and Social Security to optimize your retirement plan
  • And more


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